Kizomba/Semba Workshop with Mestre Pétchu & Vanessa – March 30, 2014

Kizomba/Semba Workshop with Mestre Petchu & VanessaCréole Events Production & AfroLatino Dance Co. present

Kizomba/Semba with Mestre Petchu & Vanessa

We are delighted to bring to you Mestre Petchu and Vanessa Ginga Pura, two of the greatest ambassadors of kizomba/Semba and Angolan culture of music and dance. The Angolan dance Kizomba has gained worldwide popularity over the years and one of the biggest reason has been the tireless work of Mestre Petchu. Petchu was the first to teach kizomba and semba in Portugal where he resides and is consequently responsible for the spread of the dance culture all over Europe. He is the founder of the famed African ballet, Kilandukilu and has had a hand in training some of your favorite kizomba and Semba dancers today. Vanessa known internationally for her Ginga represents one of the best female Kizomba and Semba dancer in the world.

For the first time, Mestre Petchu and Vanessa will be in Canada to pass on their invaluable knowledge of Kizomba/Semba. If you love kizomba and Semba, the knowledge you will gain of the culture of the dance itself during this workshop will be unparalleled.

Start at 4pm to 6:30pm
Doors open 3:45pm

Rate: $50

4pm-5:15pm Kizomba Intermediate/Advanced
5:15pm-6:30pm Semba Beginner/Intermediate
6:30pm-7:30pm Social

Bavia Arts Centre
898B St Clair Avenue West,Toronto, M6C 1C5
2nd Floor

Or at Afrolatino Studio: 901 Yonge Street, Toronto M4W 2H2

416-970-8232 OR 416-671-7140

Featured Dancer: Mestre Pétchu – A Living Legend and A Sea of Knowledge

Mestre Petchu kizomba semba dancer and teacher

Mestre Petchu

Pedro Vieira Dias Tomás (Mestre Pétchu) is one of the greatest authorities in the field of Angolan culture of music and dance. Currently living in Portugal, he was the first there to teach kizomba and semba; he has also created the methodology of teaching these dances. He is the one who contributed to Angolan rhythms being introduced to dance parties and dance schools in the whole of Europe.

For 25 years, he’s been the leading choreographer of the Ballet Tradicional Kilandukilu, a major dance company in Angola that strives to preserve Luanda’s rich dance traditions. Together with his dance partner Vanessa Pura Ginga, Mestre Pétchu is a very sought after teacher and judge for many international festivals, competitions and prestigious TV programmes. Many of the current international kizomba instructors have been trained by him at a certain point in their careers.

Semba Classes Are Here to Stay in Toronto

After the success of the first trial run of AfroLatino Dance Company’s semba course, the company is pleased to announce that semba classes are here to stay in Toronto! Hoping to continue to be one of the front runners in promotion of Angolan dance cultural heritage, Albena de Assis is very passionate about spreading the form and spirit of both social semba as well as the show form of the dance.

“People often think that semba has to be always fast and full of tricks (foot catches, dips, lifts, slides)…. But many people in Angola dance what is known as social semba as both their kizomba as well as semba music interpretation. Social semba is actually the classic way of dancing kizomba, many angolans would agree” says Albena.

AfroLatino Dance Company offers their semba classes currently on Saturdays, from 5 to 6pm, immediately followed by a practice/social from 6 to 8pm where students can practice the moves they’ve learned in class.

Semba Classes in Toronto with AfroLatino Dance Co.

Semba classes/lessons in Toronto with AfroLatino

Semba classes in Toronto with AfroLatino

For the first time in Toronto, a Semba (level 1) course is being offered by AfroLatino Dance Company. After being asked by many about semba and when we would start offering classes, here it is!

This course is introductory level but is aimed at students that are already comfortable with their kizomba basics. Based on the response and demand for these classes, future courses are already in the plans, on a 8-week course format.

Time: Wednesdays, 7-8pm

Date: November 27 to December 12, 2013

Cost (pre-HST prices):

  • $53.10 for 4-week registration per person
  • $75.22 for flexible card of 5 lessons
  • $137.17 for flexible card of 10 lessons
  • $247.79 for flexible card of 20 lessons
  • $16.81 for drop-in

Check the company’s website for more info on this semba class.

Here are some great examples of how much fun semba can be, straight from Angola!

New 8-Week Kizomba 1 Course at AfroLatino

Toronto Kizomba classes, Toronto Kizomba lessons

Kizomba classes / lessons in 8-week course format by AfroLatino Dance Co.

New 8-week kizomba level 1 course starting at AfroLatino Dance Company

Time: Thursdays, 8-9pm

Date: October 24 to December 12, 2013

Cost (pre-HST prices):

  • $106.19 for 8-week registration per person
  • $75.22 for flexible card of 5 lessons
  • $137.17 for flexible card of 10 lessons
  • $247.79 for flexible card of 20 lessons
  • $16.81 for drop-in

Check the company’s website for more info on this kizomba class.

Oct 26 Salsa Klimax – Halloween Edition – Salsa, Timba & Kizomba!

Salsa Klimax with Timba & Kizomba, Oct 26, 2013

Sasal Klimax Party on Oct 26, 2013 featuring timba & kizomba

Salsa Klimax, the Salsa & Kizomba Megaparty is back, this time Halloween Edition!!


CUBAN FLOOR: Salsa, Timba, Cubaton by DJ Yumaniche…
AFRO+CARIBBEAN FLOOR: Kizomba, Zouk, Semba, Afro-House, Soca, Bachata and more by DJ LAS

★ Free Kizomba Lesson by AfroLatino Dance Company at 9:45pm
★ $10 in advance / $15 at the door
Online ticket sale:

Red Lipstick Party – Toronto Kizomba

Toronto kizomba red lipstick party, September 28, 2013

Toronto kizomba red lipstick party, September 28, 2013

A night of sensual kizomba…
plus a lil’ semba and Afro-House line dances!

All-level lesson by the GOdanz Kizomba Team,
including a sequence and **dip*** 9:00-9:45pm

Earlybird passes for KizombaFest Weekend available!
Sexy surprises…
Dance til 2am
Ladies wear red lipstick; Gentlemen wear anything red (socks, shirt, pants, bowtie ;)

Toronto Kizomba leaders, promoters and djs will be there!
Don’t miss it!

Reserve your spot by saying you are ‘going’ here below, and pay $8 instead of $10 at the door. (deadline Sept 25)

Five Dollar Kizz – Toronto Kizomba Party

$5 Kizz Toronto Kizomba Party

$5 Kizz Toronto Kizomba Party

Back by popular demand, we invite you to a night where we Kizz goodbye to expensive covers!

DJ NS ~ DJ KAFE ~ UT Kizomba present FIVE DOLLAR KIZZ part dois/deux – KIZOMBA & ZOUK BASH

EPIC Lounge
1355 St. Claire Ave West Toronto

The cover is $5 all night long!

This is not a social… this is not a get together… this is not a practice… This is a bonafide Kizomba PARTY!!!! Designed for the budget conscious.

Enjoy a Complimentary Kizomba Lesson with Mr. Kizomba Java Panzo! Lesson starts at 10:30PM

DJ NS and DJ KAFE will be on deck all night to keep you moving to:

• Sultry Kizomba and Zouk ballads
• Sexy Tarraxinha melodies
• Energetic Semba and Kuduro songs,
• and heart thumping Afrobeats.

Doors open at 10PM

This party won’t break the bank and is guaranteed to Kizz your stress away.

Featured Dancer: Bonifácio Mário Aurio – A Master of Kizomba & Semba

Bonifacio kizomba dancer

Bonifacio Aurio and Lúcia Nogueira kizomba masters

Bonifácio Mário Aurio, one of the recent and best known kizomba/semba dancers to emerge from Angola, has been taking the kizomba scene in Europe by storm.

Originally from Huambo, Angola, Bonifácio has been a member of the dance group Kandengues Unidos from Luanda. He became known after winning both Kizomba Fest Angola 2012, a kizomba competition in Luanda, and the International competition AfricaDançar 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. Since then he has been residing in Lisbon and, together with his dance partner Lúcia Nogueira, travels internationally to perform and teach at various congresses and festivals throughout Europe.

A true master of semba, he infuses his kizomba dancing with a myriad of playful steps and styling (passadas and toques), in the true angolan tradition.

New 8-Week Kizomba Level 3 Course

Toronto Kizomba classes, Toronto Kizomba lessonsAfroLatino Dance Company is adding a brand new kizomba intermediate course, level 3.

Time: Saturdays, 5-6pm

Date: October 5 to November 23


Cost (pre-HST prices):

  • $106.19 for 8-week registration per person
  • $75.22 for flexible card of 5 lessons
  • $137.17 for flexible card of 10 lessons
  • $247.79 for flexible card of 20 lessons
  • $16.81 for drop-in

Check the company’s website for more info on this kizomba class.

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